As you plan to set out on vacations with your family, there comes a long list of things to get done and check-on along with a well thought out itinerary. It can be hard to say which of these requirements on your list is more important. However, if there’s one thing that anyone would put on the number one spot, it is obviously the accommodation.

Good accommodation isn’t just about luxury, but so many other things. When you travel with your family, looking into these few things can assure you an enjoyable stay. Sometimes, it could even decide the outcome of your vacation. Even if you plan to visit the most beautiful places in the country, issues with your accommodation can literally ruin things for you and your family.

A Comfortable Pleasant Place To Stay

Making sure you lodge at a great place in a pleasing location, for instance, high quality accommodation in Geelong’s CBD is important, especially when you are traveling with your family. Remember, you are not just looking for rooms with attached bathrooms, but for a pleasant place that offers plenty of peace, relaxation and complete safety to your family. Convenience is vital, too. You should be able to drive off easily to all the sights nearby and engage in each of the activities as you’d planned without letting things like transport and distance hinder your enjoyment.

Dealing With Emergencies

Keep in mind that there could be emergency situations and that you should be able to rush back to your accommodation when a situation arises. Make sure the place you pick offers you these advantages and convenience. This doesn’t mean you should be stressing over possible problems at your destination, but just stay prepared any way, because it’s very important when you are out with your family.


Once again, you don’t need to go looking for luxury, but expecting decent, trouble free facilities is a must. It certainly isn’t going to be a pleasant stay when you have to deal with maintenance issues, problems with your air cons or heaters, water supply or hygiene. These are basic necessities that any hotel or lodge needs to offer to their clients, if not int could only result in quite a lot of inconvenience, hassle, and disappointment. When you are traveling with elders and kids, never take a chance or compromise on these basics whatsoever!


What does a vacation mean without great food? Yes, it really is a big deal and can actually change the way you feel about your choice of accommodation completely. Food is a big part of the enjoyment during a holiday away, and if you don’t find that at the place you choose, it surely can make you sad!

Quality Service

In the end, quality service is what makes it all worth your while. Come to think of it, the tiny shortcomings can always be overlooked when great service is offered by great people around. You know their service is awesome when they are truly considerate about your needs anytime, and when you can voice your concerns to them with absolutely no hesitation.