Australia has plenty to offer for curious tourists. But if you are a dedicated vacationer on the continent, you might be bored with the usual itinerary. If you are looking for a truly unique trip Down South, this article is for you.

Tired of going on ferry trip and hitting the city bars? Read below to learn more things to do and see in Australia that most tourists miss:

Take a Train Ride to a Suburb

The suburbs definitely don’t get on the tourist itineraries to Australia. But if you want to enjoy what this charming continent has to offer to the fullest, it’s worthwhile to visit around the cities too.

Suburbs in areas like Sydney defy the cookie-cutter stereotype you may have encountered in places like the U.S. On the contrary, suburbs in Sydney or Melbourne are brimming with unique cafes and live music scenes. Street art events offer much for sightseeing. Not to mention, venturing into the suburbs is a great way to hang out with the locals.

Visit a Gay Club

Even if you don’t identify with any of the letters in the LGBTQI+ spectrum, you won’t be turned away at most gay clubs in Australia. A majority of places are welcoming to all genders and orientations. You can explore Australia from a queer perspective, and see just how much fun it is. Keep an open mind, and be respectful.

Go to an Art Gallery

Unlike France, people don’t usually venture to Australia to enjoy artwork. If you think so, then you are definitely missing out. Most urban areas in the country—particularly Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane—are home to flourishing local art scenes.

Cities like Brisbane have exceptional art galleries even the non-art lovers can appreciate. The exhibitions are must-sees for those who are into contemporary or indigenous art. Visiting an art gallery can be a great palate cleanser between more conventional tourist stops during your Australian trip.

Picnic at a Botanical Garden

Almost all the major cities in Australia cultivate botanical gardens that double as public parks. Visiting one of these is highly recommended if you want to see what an exquisitely cared for garden looks like.

Botanical gardens don’t just feature grass and trees. In cities like Brisbane, the botanical gardens offer much more. Want to see what a Zen-inspired Japanese garden looks and feels like outside Japan? You can try at a place like Brisbane botanical gardens.

In addition to enjoying the flora, you can go jogging or enjoy an evening picnic on a balmy day. Entrance is free in most cases. The tranquillity and sights on offer are priceless.

Tour the Pyramids

Exactly; pyramids in Australia. These are not the artificial ones as you see in Egypt, mind you. Australia is home to the world’s largest natural pyramid. Situated in the Cairns, this is a must-visit for those whole love sightseeing.

You can drive to the pyramid or take a shuttle. It’s possible to hike up to the pyramid. The walk is not brisk—it takes more than a couple of hours—but is totally worth it. Once at the top, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the whole Cairns area.

Australia is never out of things to offer visitors. Try any of the above if you want to experience Australia differently from the beaten track.