Asia is one of the most prominent continents in the world and is home to many countries and a population of nearly four and a half billion. With so many countries in this continent, it can seem difficult to choose a vacation destination. However there is one country that offers something more than they do and all at a much cheaper price: India. And here is why you should make this country your next travel destination.

An Interesting Diverse Culture

India is a huge country and all of its states have very unique and interesting cultures while still having old traditions and beliefs. It is truly interesting to visit any city in India. You would fond that the modern infrastructure and convenience tends to peacefully co-exist with the traditional culture and historical landmarks. From various dance styles, theatres, cuisines and even music and language, there is so many different things to experience therefore you can never be bored in India. To share their culture with others is something  Indians love and therefore you can experience them with freedom and not fearing the backlash.

It Is Nature’s Playground

India, simply because it is so massive, is home to a very rich ecosystem and vastly different environments. You will find this out as soon as you go on India tours. You have the tropical south where you have sunny days for most of the year. Gorgeous beaches and rivers that run along mangroves. Then you have deserts in the east and west of the country. With rolling sand dunes and beautiful landscapes and palaces hidden behind the sand. Then you have the beautiful north filled with snow-capped mountains and forests. You have cities located on hills with waterfalls nearby and then cities with major tributaries running through them making it look like paradise. The country is home to a huge species of wild life of which some can only be found in India such as the Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic Lion to name a few.

The Food Is Delicious

Being a country that thrives on spice, it only makes sense that Indian food is rich and very delicious. So much so that many other countries produce their own variations of Indian food, from Biriyani to certain curries and desserts. The food here is prepared with love and you can sense it as you take a bite. It is very flavourful and smooth in flavour. The beauty of the country is that each state has its own dishes and food that they offer making the Indian cuisine very diverse. You have food in Kerala that usually uses a lot of coconut in their preparation. Food in Mumbai being usually spicy and zesty. Fish is an important component of Bengali cuisine. So one thing is for sure you will  ever get bored with the food you eat

Everything  Is Very Affordable

The most important reason why you should travel here is that everything’s so affordable. You can find good accommodation for less than 150 AUD per night in the main cities. Food will cost you even lesser. You can have a complete lunch for about 2 dollars. Public transport  within a city will not even cost you a single dollar. That is what makes India so great for tourists. It is rich in culture and you can have an amazing trip filled with wonderful experiences for just a fraction of the cost of visiting another country.

So make India your travel destination. You will not be disappointed.